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Call for submissions: Monitoring the Family Violence Reforms

The Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor’s 2020 report examined what has changed since the Royal Commission into Family Violence released its report in 2016, and what remains to be done.

To inform her report, the Monitor called for submissions from the family violence sector and other stakeholders through Engage Victoria. The campaign ran from 1 June 2020 to 26 July 2020 and sought the views of organisations, individual practitioners and advocates on:

  • how the family violence service system, and users’ experience of it, has changed since the Royal Commission
  • looking forward: what is still required in the family violence reforms
  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Submissions were used to identify progress and areas requiring further attention in the implementation of Victoria’s family violence reforms to inform the Monitor's fourth report to Parliament in 2021. 

Submissions received

In total, 125 submissions were received, consisting of:

  • 36 submissions from individuals
  • 89 submissions from organisations

The sectors represented by individuals/organisations who made submissions are illustrated in the graphs below.

Figure 1A: Number of individual submissions by respondent role

  • Download: Number of individual submissions

Figure 1B: Number of organisational submissions by organisation type

  • Download: Number of organisational submissions

Find a list of all submissions received

Permission to publish was provided for 91 of the 125 submissions. For these, the full submission in Pdf format can be accessed by clicking on the submission title in the list.