How the Monitor monitors government and its agencies

The Family Violence Implementation Monitor engages with stakeholders involved in the whole-of-reform programs and initiatives aimed at addressing family violence.

The Monitor engages with government and family violence sector stakeholders in order to monitor the effective implementation of the Family Violence Reform.

This is achieved through:

  • identifying and sharing better practice
  • alerting decision makers to increased risks when they arise

The role includes reporting annually to Parliament and the community on the progress and effectiveness of the reforms. This is in line with the legislative requirements of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor Act 2016.

The Victorian Government nominated the following documents to guide reform activities:

The first report

The Monitor's first report found that these documents weren't detailed enough to meet the planning needs of the reform.

While the 10-year plan is a good foundational document, it hasn’t looked at timelines, sequencing and interdependencies of all programs and activities.

Without detailed plans from the Victorian Government, the Monitor looked at the following areas during the first monitoring period:

  • what progress was made
  • how government can support better planning, governance and reporting
  • specific activities that government agencies completed for this period
  • review of how agencies manage reform activities at a whole-of-reform as well as a project level
  • attending governance meetings as an observer, engaging with agencies to identify key risks
  • review of internal controls underpinning project and program reporting
  • feedback to agencies and governance bodies on risks and opportunities
  • recommend governance systems for accurate, timely and relevant information about the progress of the reform at an agency, and whole-of-reform level

Reviewed 28 August 2019

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