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Appendix 3: Submissions to the Monitor

A list of organisations and individuals that made a submission to the Monitor.

A list of all submissions received, from both organisations and individual practitioners, is provided below.

Permission to publish was provided for 91 of the 125 submissions received. These are available to view by clicking on the role or organisation name below.

Individual submissions

Role or organisation as identified by individual Submission
Availability on
FVRIM website
Academic 105 Not published
Cardijn Community of AustraliaExternal Link 19 Available
Castlemaine Secondary CollegeExternal Link 9 Available
Charlotte Brewer ConsultingExternal Link 13 Available
Corrections VictoriaExternal Link 2 Available
Deakin UniversityExternal Link 14 Available
Education practitioner 24 Not published
Education practitionerExternal Link 81 Available
enRICHed PursuitsExternal Link 67 Available
Grampians Community HealthExternal Link 6 Available
Heavy M.E.T.A.L GroupExternal Link 68 Available
Heavy M.E.T.A.L GroupExternal Link 104 Available
Mindful Counselling Australia & Ashray Women’s CentreExternal Link 39 Available
Mornington Peninsula ShireExternal Link 15 Available
Odyssey House VictoriaExternal Link 31 Available
Other individual 10 Not published
Other individualExternal Link 21 Available
Other practitioner 4 Not published
Other practitioner 49 Not published
Other practitioner 75 Not published
Psychological/counselling serviceExternal Link 7 Available
Psychological/counselling service 8 Not published
Sole legal practitionerExternal Link 5 Available
Specialist family violence practitioner 1 Not published
Specialist family violence practitioner 3 Not published
Specialist family violence practitioner 16 Not published
Specialist family violence practitioner 109 Not published
Specialist family violence practitioner 30 Not published
Specialist family violence practitioner 32 Not published
Victim survivorExternal Link 23 Available
Victim survivor 36 Not published
Victim survivorExternal Link 99 Available
Victim survivorExternal Link 100 Available
Victim survivor 110 Not published
Victim survivor 111 Not published
Victim survivorExternal Link 37 Available

Organisational submissions

Organisation name or type Submission
Availability on
FVRIM website
Anglicare VictoriaExternal Link 94 Available
Annie North Inc.External Link 98 Available
AustralAsian Centre for Human Rights and HealthExternal Link 107 Available
Australian Association of Social WorkersExternal Link 72 Available
Australian Services Union Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities & Services BranchExternal Link 59 Available
Ballarat Health Services Mental Health ServicesExternal Link 41 Available
Barwon Area Integrated Family Violence CommitteeExternal Link 103 Available
Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence PartnershipExternal Link 58 Available
Bendigo Community Health ServicesExternal Link 113 Available
Berry Street VictoriaExternal Link 74 Available
CASA ForumExternal Link 84 Available
Central Highlands Integrated Family Violence CommitteeExternal Link 90 Available
Centre for Excellence in Child and Family WelfareExternal Link 122 Available
cohealthExternal Link 71 Available
Commission for Children and Young PeopleExternal Link 115 Available
Community service organisation 64 Not published
Council to Homeless PersonsExternal Link 123 Available
DjirraExternal Link 54 Available
Domestic Violence VictoriaExternal Link 121 Available
EACH Family Violence CounsellingExternal Link 51 Available
Eastern Community Legal CentreExternal Link 69 Available
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Family Violence PartnershipExternal Link 63 Available
Economic Abuse Reference GroupExternal Link 56 Available
Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women's ServiceExternal Link 47 Available
Family Access NetworkExternal Link 57 Available
Family Life LtdExternal Link 45 Available
Family violence alliance/partnership 119 Not published
Family violence alliance/partnership 120 Not published
Flat Out Inc.External Link 96 Available
Gender Equity VictoriaExternal Link 118 Available
Gippsland Family Violence AllianceExternal Link 22 Available
Goulburn Family Violence ExecutiveExternal Link 46 Available
Health/community health service 34 Not published
inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family ViolenceExternal Link 85 Available
Jewish Care VictoriaExternal Link 29 Available
Law Institute of VictoriaExternal Link 86 Available
Legal/mediation service 95 Not published
Loddon Gender Equality and Violence Prevention ConsortiumExternal Link 77 Available
Magistrates' Court of VictoriaExternal Link 112 Available
McAuley Community Services for WomenExternal Link 48 Available
Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling ClinicExternal Link 11 Available
Mental Health Legal CentreExternal Link 80 Available
Mental health service 82 Not published
Mental Health VictoriaExternal Link 101 Available
Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention CentreExternal Link 38 Available
Monash HealthExternal Link 114 Available
Municipal Association of VictoriaExternal Link 50 Available
No to ViolenceExternal Link 33 Available
NorthWestern Mental HealthExternal Link 91 Available
Office of the Public AdvocateExternal Link 52 Available
Ovens Murray OD/MH/FV Steering CommitteeExternal Link 18 Available
Peak body 12 Not published
Peninsula HealthExternal Link 60 Available
Professional representative body 117 Not published
Professional representative body 124 Not published
Project RespectExternal Link 97 Available
Psychological/counselling service 17 Not published
Quantum Support ServicesExternal Link 83 Available
Regional Integration Committee 35 Not published
Respect VictoriaExternal Link 78 Available
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners VictoriaExternal Link 43 Available
Royal Women's HospitalExternal Link 76 Available
Seniors Rights VictoriaExternal Link 55 Available
South East Community LinksExternal Link 108 Available
Specialist family violence service 20 Not published
Specialist family violence service 28 Not published
Specialist family violence service 65 Not published
Specialist family violence service 70 Not published
Specialist family violence service 73 Not published
Specialist family violence service 88 Not published
Specialist family violence service 102 Not published
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of PsychiatristsExternal Link 89 Available
The Salvation ArmyExternal Link 92 Available
The Sexual Assault & Family Violence CentreExternal Link 87 Available
Uniting Vic.TasExternal Link 42 Available
Victoria Legal Aid, Federation of Community Legal Services and Women's Legal Service VictoriaExternal Link 66 Available
Victoria PoliceExternal Link 79 Available
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care AgencyExternal Link 106 Available
Victorian Council of Social ServiceExternal Link 44 Available
Victorian Multicultural CommissionExternal Link 116 Available
Victorian Trades Hall CouncilExternal Link 53 Available
VincentCare VictoriaExternal Link 61 Available
Western Integrated Family Violence CommitteeExternal Link 62 Available
WEstjustice Western Community Legal CentreExternal Link 93 Available
Whittlesea Community ConnectionsExternal Link 40 Available
Women with Disabilities VictoriaExternal Link 125 Available
Women's Health WestExternal Link 25 Available
Y-Change Initiative Berry StreetExternal Link 26 Available
YouthlawExternal Link 27 Available

Reviewed 05 May 2021

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