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Acknowledgements, content warning and support and a thank you

Acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, recognising people with lived and living experience and a thank you to the Berry Street Y-Change Lived Experience Consultants.


We proudly acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation as the traditional custodians of the lands, waters and seas. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and honour the survival of Indigenous Australians. We recognise the continued impacts and violence of colonisation and our role in taking apart systems that cause harm.

We would like to recognise the lived and living experience of people who have or are still going through family violence, or who have lost their lives due to family violence.

We would like to thank the young Lived Experience Consultants from Berry Street’s Y-Change initiative for working with us to develop and write this child and youth-friendly summary.

Content warning and support

In this summary, we talk about some hard topics such as family violence, homelessness, grief and loss. Please go gently with yourself as you read through the report. If you need support, there are services you can reach out to. You can find their contact details towards the end of this summary.

Words that are bolded are explained in the definitions page.